Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

A picture of what is to come...  Today I went to the eye doctor and after some tests, dilating my eyes and an eye exam I ended up with a prescription for glasses.  Mommy wasn't surprised but she was a little shocked when she found out my vision at 4 years old is worse than my Daddy's!  I was sorely disappointed that I wasn't walking out of the office with a pair of glasses but Mommy took me by a optical shop and I picked out some frames.  Because my ears are so low set, it is kind of challenging to find frames to fit.  Mommy had me try on a special kind called Miraflex that are flexible plastic with an attached strap.  They only had three in stock - pink, blue and purple.  The purple didn't really fit so Mommy picked out the pink and blue ones. In 7-10 days I will get to finally take them home!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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