Monday, January 16, 2012

Friday, January 13th, 2012

I have a new obsession, it is the red talking germ.  Now, Mommy isn't actually sure if this is what the red talking germ looks like but it will have to work for now.  This all began about 10 days ago when I spent all day talking to Grandma Glenda about the red germ.  When Mommy came to pick me up I started in with her about it as well.  Grandma and Mommy were both stumped but I was insistent.  Later that evening, Grandma thought she solved the mystery.  Apparently, there is a Clorox commercial that takes place in the kitchen and there is a red puppet that is a germ that talks during the commercial.  For the next 2 hours, Mommy scoured the internet to try to find the commercial but was never able to track it down.  10 days later, Mommy and Daddy have yet to even see the commercial.  But in the abscence of the commercial, I have now become obsessed with all things germ and Clorox related. Every time a Clorox commercial comes on (any type of Clorox commercial) I get super excited and force my parents to watch it.  I have also become an expert on the Clorox logo and when shopping in the grocery store the cleaning products aisle has now become my favorite spot in the world.  Last weekend Daddy purchased a case load of Clorox bleach and I was in heavan.  A few days later when Grandma bought some cleaning supplies that were not Clorox brand I gave her quite the tongue lashing!

I am also refusing to sleep in my bedroom.  A few weeks ago it was due to the Grinch but now it is because the red talking germ keeps bothering me.  I had the great idea to have the Grinch eat the red germ but quickly changed my mind and now I intend to use my purple wand to cast a spell and make him leave.  Since my parents now trade off with me in bed with them each night they are hoping I move on to a new obsession sooner rather than later!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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