Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Today at my occupational therapy appointment with Wendee it took a lot to keep me on task.  I had a late night, an early morning and no nap so although I was in a good mood I had a hard time staying focused.  It didn't help that today we weren't in our small office but in the large play area which is really just an indoor playground complete with slides, stairs, ramps, trampoline and a ball pit.  When Wendee pulled out the Junior Whirly Wheel though (pictured above), it definately caught my attention!  Once I figured out how to sit on it and Wendee demonstrated how to use my hands to pedal I was hooked.  It was hard work and I had to learn to pedal my hands together at the same time or I would just end up going in circles.  Wendee was pretty impressed with how far I went up and down the hallway knowing my arm strength is fairly limited.  What an awesome toy!  (Mommy is going to try to hold out and wait to get it for me for my birthday - after all it is not just a toy it is a therapy tool!)

Peyton Nicole Smith

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