Friday, May 13, 2011

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Although I was anxious about going to see the dentist today, when Mommy laid me back on her lap and let the dentist look in my mouth I surprised everyone by opening my mouth wide and didn't fuss a bit.  Just as Grandma had told me, he wanted to count all my teeth and there would be no hurts - and she was right.  So that was the good news but as Mommy is now getting used to there was bad news as well.  Despite faithful brushing each night, my two emerging molars are already showing signs of cavities.  Actually, my parents hadn't even noticed my molars until last night when Daddy stuck a flashlight in my mouth and saw them for the first time peeking through.  No surprise they weren't doing a good job of brushing them when they didn't even know they were there!

An unfortunate byproduct of the surgery seems to be that I now have loads of saliva pooling in my mouth on my teeth which is not helping the disaster that is my dental health. The dentist suggested again that my intake should be limited to water and milk.  When Mommy explained I was allergic to dairy and was using soy milk he explained that has a lot of sugar too so that pretty much just leaves water.  But realistically, he knows that trying to get me to have anything oral is a challenge so it is a balancing act.  So for now, soda is off limits - at least most of the time.  Mommy figures that having it every now and again when we go out to eat is okay but otherwise water is my new drink of choice (okay maybe not my choice). 

In the evening, Mommy sat me down to explain again that the dentist said that soda was bad for my teeth and that is why I had to start drinking water instead.  When I asked for soda Mommy said "no" and I had a 30 minute freak out than went back to watching my show.  I asked again a few minutes later and once again Mommy said no.  I looked a little deflated I am sure but I was caving.  It didn't take just a few more minutes before I finally asked for water.  By a stroke of luck Sid the Science Kid had an episode on about teeth.  After watching how a little girl lost all of her teeth because she didn't brush and had too much sugar (seriously it was terrifying even being a cartoon girl) I was on board.  In fact I told Mommy later that night, "I like water"!  Mommy doesn't doubt there will be more fights on this in the future but we made some head way today.

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