Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Wow - it really has been a long time since my last post! I have some really good excuses for my absence, though. In the last two weeks my parents, my furry brothers and I moved into our house in Sandy. Once we moved in we were without any internet and it just got hooked up today so I am back!
On the house front, Mommy can share with you that after buying and selling two other properties in her lifetime this was the biggest nightmare she ever experienced. They were originally supposed to close the day after Memorial Day but each day of that week the closing deadline came and went. At one point it looked like my parents would be forced to walk away from the deal and lose both their earnest money and the tax credit but finally on Thursday they signed the paperwork. They had the movers ready to go for Saturday morning but on the way to funding the house on Friday there was another snag and it looked like the deal still might fall through! But with a lot of help from the realtor (Karen!) it all got worked out and the house funded in the nick of time on Friday afternoon. Saturday dawned clear and warm and my parents, Uncle Jeff and the movers got everything moved from the storage unit to the house in a matter of a few hours. Then the hard work began - unpacking! A week later we are still unpacking boxes but my room is all set up. In fact, my parents got a new baby monitor and I am now sleeping in my own room by myself. I have been getting up about once a night and Mommy comes in to get me back to sleep (and sometimes falls asleep in bed with me) but there have been a few nights that everyone slept through the night. - yeah!
In addition to having my own room and sleeping in it by myself, I moved out of my toddler bed and into a big girl bed, so when Mommy does end up sleeping with me there is more room!
On the medical front things have been pretty quiet. I had a few vaccinations on Thursday and when I got my weight checked I was up to 24 lbs 9 ozs. A month ago I was just over 23 lbs. so the extra volume in feedings is sure helping to get me back up to a good weight. In addition, my parents have started adding one more feeding right before bedtime to keep me full during the night. I also got my repaired hearing aid back on Thursday - whew! Mommy's attempt to transition me to a new medical supply company has not gone quite as smoothly. In the last several weeks I have ended up with lots of supplies but most are incorrect and have to be returned. But we are getting close - and only a few more items need to get worked out.
My furry brothers are loving the new yard - okay fenced in weed pile - and we are of course surrounded on all sides by dogs and children so they are kept busy barking at everything around. In fact, they can lay in their beds up on the top floor and get a great view of the surrounding yards so they can bark at everyone (and everything) without leaving the comfort of their beds - awesome!
Last night, I went to Aunt Kristin's and Uncle Lonnie's for dinner. I had a great time playing with cousin Jackson and Traiton and trying out Jackson's new trampoline. Uncle Jason helped keep order amoungst us little ones to ensure everyone got a turn.
That's it - I have caught you up and will do much better updating you now that we are (somewhat) settled.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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