Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

A note from Mommy:

It was a beautiful summer day and what better way to spend it then to support a good cause!  Travis and I joined around 2500 other bikers to Ride for a Cure for MDA.  It was actually the first time I had ever even gotten on the motorcycle we purchased a few months back.  While Peyton was happily spending a day with her Grandma and Papa Smith, Travis and I rode down to the Salt Lake Harley Davidson dealership and then headed out to Wendover with the group.  I still get chills every time I hear the sound of hundreds of motorcycles start their engines.  As we rode down State Street to the freeway we had a police escort and a gigantic American flag flying above a Salt Lake fire engine. 

It was a hot and windy ride and we made our first stop at a gas station in Delle, Utah.  Although many riders were partaking of a cold beer, we were happy to stretch our sore muscles and snap a few pictures before getting back on the road.  We made a final stop at the rest area 10 miles before Wendover.  It just so happened that we were ready to get back on the road when the police escorts were transferring a person with MDA onto a motorcycle and then rode them in with lights and sirens flashing.  If I had chills at the start of the ride, it didn't even compare with following just a few bikes behind this police escort for 10 miles.  Amazing and emotional. 

We had a few hours to rest and eat before getting back on the road and safely making it back home.  From the news last night they believe they met their goal of raising $200,000 for MDA which will help to go towards research and sending children with MDA to summer camp.


  1. Glad you and Travis had a great ride, the weather looked beautiful, and you deserved a much needed day together!

  2. I hope you enjoyed your day Tracy.