Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday, June 6th, 2011

A note from Mommy:
I just finished reading "Two Kisses For Maddy" a few weeks ago.  If you aren't familiar with it, a woman gave birth prematurely to a little girl after several weeks of hospitalized bed rest.  The next day when she got out of her hospital bed for the first time to visit her child in the NICU she passed a pulmonary embolism and died.  "Two Kisses For Maddy" is the story of how her husband coped with the loss of his wife and birth of his child within 27 hours of each other.  It was a book I knew I wanted to read but dreaded reading and I sobbed many times.  And today I was horrified to learn that a fellow "trach mommy" passed away the day after giving birth to her second child.  Her first child had Pierre Robin Syndrome and was trached (and later decannulated).  Just hours after posing on the trach forum about the birth of her second child she also passed an embolism and was later declared brain dead and removed from life support.  Karin was someone special - not just because she was a trach mommy - but because she could always be counted on to offer love and support to all the others on the trach forum. Even after her son was decannulated she still commented often - not forgetting the rest of us still on our trach journeys.  Although a trach child's death is heart wrenching it isn't altogether unexpected with these kiddos.  But the death of a trach mommy leaves the rest of the trach community stunned and numb.  Bless her husband, bless her son Alex who got to experience her fight to get him to where he is today and bless her new baby Brycen.


  1. SO sorry to hear about Karin's passing, and I hope her family keeps her memory alive for her two boys! It sounds like she was an amazing woman, and served as a source of support and sounding board for other trach mother's. That is NO different than you sissy, and you need to recognize all the lives and hearts you touch regularly through Peyton's blog community!

  2. I still cannot believe it!
    She was definitely a helping hand along the way on this journey wasn't she.
    Life is so unsure.