Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

It's been almost two years since I first started working with Karen my feeding therapist. To say I have come a long way is probably stretching it a little - but I have definately made progress over that time. Mommy had some pretty unrealistic expectations going into the whole process and would have thought learning to eat wasn't very difficult and the g tube would be out before too long. Once Mommy got past that (see her post on getting the trach out a few weeks ago) she was able to view feeding therapy in a much more positive light and celebrate even the smallest improvements. Here is some of what Karen and I have accomplished together:

Eating frozen fruit out of feeding bag
Lip closure
Drinking from a cup
Talking using a speaking valve, no speaking valve and covering my trach
Eating from a flat spoon
Eating various textures (purees, crushed crackers, uncrushed crackers)
Signing or speaking to make requests for food or drink
Brushing my teeth

Mommy knew for several months this day was coming. With the budget cuts in California, the requirement was for private insurance to pay for therapy when possible. Still it was difficult to consider having anyone else provide feeding therapy when Karen has been doing such a great job. But today was the day - the last appointment with Karen. We will be sad not to see her each week but I am sure there are other little kids that need her help just as much that she will have more time for now. Thank you Karen!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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