Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Just when Mommy are sure things are back to "normal" with the nursing something seems to always happen to remind her of why we all loved Lucille so much. Our new Tuesday-Thursday nurse (last week was her first week) called in sick today. AAHHHHH! This is Mommy screaming in frustration! When you don't have dependable child care it is difficult - when you don't have dependable nursing care for your child it is impossible because there aren't a bunch of nurses hanging around waiting to jump in when your regular nurse calls out. So once again Mommy gets to be the back up nurse. I really am a good girl but I am also a typical two year old so trying to focus and work is difficult. Thankfully I took a nap so Mommy had a little time to devote to work but it just meant another late night and early morning to try to make up the time she lost.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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